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Utilize the strengths of your group to achieve your goals.

Worldview Coaching offers individual, semi-private (2-3 people), and group plans (4+).

To learn more about our individual plans, please click HERE.

Group coaching provides the opportunity to work toward goals common to your group. Many find that a group coaching experience helps them build stronger ties and understanding with other group members, while helping them gain confidence in tackling their own challenges. The collective energy within the group provides an added plus in helping individuals stick to their goals.

Semi-Private and Group Plans

(Prices listed are per person)

Work Decisions

Semi-Private: 2-3 people

$125 per month

(After first month of $175)

2 sessions

Business Team

Group: 4-8 people

$99 per month

(After first month of $175)

2 sessions

Group coaching packages may be tailored to the needs of your group.
For more information, contact Coach Wes.
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