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1:1 Coaching

Offering a graduated sequence of coaching services

1:1 coaching puts you firmly in the driver’s seat.

You determine:

  • What to work on

  • When to work on it

  • The decisions that work best for you.

Coach Wes provides:

  • Coaching tools

  • The coaching process

  • Insights to help you be your best you!


The Beginning:

Coaching Consultation

(1 complimentary session)

  • Discover how coaching can help you

  • Begin identifying areas you want to work on

  • Ask the questions you need to ask to feel that Worldview Coaching is right for you

Your Amazing Journey

(2+ sessions per month, ongoing for as long as needed)

  • Turn challenges into opportunities

  • Discover more about yourself and your challenges

  • Troubleshoot setbacks

  • Hold yourself to the goals that are important to you

Confident Businesswoman

The End:

Solidifying Change

(As needed)

  • Once a month, or even once a quarter

  • Meet with Coach Wes to stabilize and build upon the gains you’ve made while avoiding falling back into old habits

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