About Coach Wes

A Road Less Travelled...

Coach Wes’s career in education has taken him all over the world in K-16 settings. He began his path in 1999 as a Peace Corps volunteer in Kyrgyzstan, teaching middle and high school children English. From there, fortune took him to inner-city New York (Brooklyn), where he taught in an elementary school while completing an M.S. in Education. Experiential education among the wilds of Minnesota and New England then beckoned, before Wes returned to the classroom for 11 years at two international schools in Kyrgyzstan and finally… Singapore. Along the way, Wes taught first and second-year Russian classes for a year at Luther College, Iowa, and worked in schools both large and small.


During the last five years of his teaching career, Wes discovered that he had become more curious and passionate about the social-emotional aspect of education, which led him to the study of positive psychology and coaching, completing an M.S. in Positive Psychology in December, 2021. Now, Coach Wes works with educators around the world on a variety of meaningful goals, helping them flourish in both their professional and personal lives.

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As a coach, Wes enjoys helping clients gain a broader perspective of their own opportunities and talents. He is strongly interested in issues of self-identity, self-compassion, promoting an other-centered view of the world, and how they foster connection, meaning, and growth. He currently supports clients in Bloomington, IN… and beyond!

Coach Wes has supported individuals from many different countries...