You’ve got the backs of many.

Who’s got yours?


Worldview Coaching is the choice for educators who want to:

Is coaching right for you?

Create greater work-life balance

Reduce stress and negativity

Rediscover their passion for teaching

Improve relationships at work

Explore new avenues for fulfillment

Your well-being is our #1 priority. 

As an educator, you need more than sound pedagogy to be your best. You need a sense of purpose and meaningful self-direction.


This is where coaching can help. Coach Wes supports your pursuit of the goals that matter to you, in both your work and personal life. 

  • 12 pages of visuals, packed with insights

  • Begin to gain greater control of your thoughts and emotions

  • A professional resource for professionals looking for greater peace and less stress at work and home

Anyone with an open mind looking to make meaningful life changes can benefit from coaching. 

Therefore, Worldview Coaching offers a range of professional coaching services designed to meet your needs without breaking the bank.


1:1 Coaching

1:1 coaching offers the freedom to pursue what is most meaningful to you with an individualized approach.


Group Coaching

Group coaching offers many of the benefits of 1:1 coaching at a reduced price. Choose an option based on your budgetary needs.


Online Resources

Apply the power of positive psychology to your daily life with these print and audio resources from Worldview Coaching.

Choose from the following to learn more:


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